Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Self-Promotion Sucks
I'm sorry, but it does, doesn't it? Here I sit with my fingers worn down to nubs, callouses forming on my fingertips while I try to increase exposure for my novel Dear Crossing. Okay, so I exaggerate ... a little.

Not everyone who stops by here is a writer, but for those of you who are, you know what I'm talking about. If you're like me, you're working as hard as you ever have, glued all the while to your computer chair--no physical activity except for drinking quarts of coffee and running back and forth to the restroom to make room for more. *I haven't swept the floor, or vaccumed the carpeting in longer than I care to admit. Clean dishes are still sitting in the dishwasher, and the dust is getting so thick that, soon, my cats' paw prints will be visible on the window sills. (Okay, I've already admitted I exaggerate--not so much about that last part, though.) Guys, I'm sure you have your own list of "masculine" chores you've been neglecting as well. (Politically incorrect? Oops, sorry!)

Worst of all is that I haven't done any writing for... for... Well, for so long I've forgotten the last time I did that. Oh, I've been writing, all right: blogs, socializing on a number of social networks, requesting book reviews. But I can't seem to get down to work on the writing that I want to do most--my own. Sound familiar?

I'm convinced that publishing a book--like prescription drugs--has side effects. (*See above) At least it does if you're taking it seriously, and who of us doesn't? Twitter. Facebook. Amazon. LinkedIn. Goodreads. The list goes on and on. All good. All a help to writers, but--dare I use the term--necessary evils? Do we need them? Oh, yes! Do they take up a lot of our limited personal writing time? Uh-huh. Could we succeed without them? Doubtful. Do I have a solution? Heck, no! I'm just grumbling and offering a shoulder to cry on. (Yes, I know better than to end a sentence in a preposition. Ignore that. Normally, I talk real good English. LOL)

So, what's the point of all this. Well, first of all it helped me blow off a little steam. Secondly, I do have a bit of helpful advice for writers who aren't already aware of this.

If you're looking for book reviewers, go to Indiebookreviewer. 'Nuf said. You'll see.

As for each of those reviewers, God bless them. Whether they accept a request or not, they deserve a big hand for lending a hand.  

If you'd like to share your experience with self-promotion, have some advice of your own, or just feel like blowing off some steam like me, feel free to leave a comment for the rest of us. We'd like to hear from you.

See you next time! Write on!

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