Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Divine Intervention

Okay, divine might be going a bit overboard, but I feel like I just spent time with my guardian angel.If he reads this, his face will probably flush a bright red because he's a humble, "Aw, shucks" kind of guy. But what else would you call a man who willingly (no, no kidding ... willingly) undertook the chore of formatting your e-book, created a .mobi file and, on more than one grueling occasion, walked you through finally getting your book into print? Tonight he added another feat to his accomplishments. He helped me create a more visually appealing blog site. Those of you who were good enough to read my debut blog last week know what an improvement this is. The original had all the appeal of a slab of wet cardboard. (You can see I'm not done yet, but thanks to him, it's no longer an eyesore.)

Impressed? Well, hold onto your britches; I'm not done. All that would be remarkable enough if I had a hint what I was doing, but uh-uh, I was the poster child for "Clueless".  With his help I've gotten better but it's painfully slow going. (My fault not his.) For me, writing is a cinch compared to all the computer-related hoops I'm learning to jump through to let readers know I've written a darned good book I'd like them to read. Still, he never raised his voice or stopped smiling. (Or was that snarling? No ... I'm pretty sure it wasn't--90% certain anyhow.) Regardless, if he ever had thoughts about where he could hide my body, he never let it show.

By now every female reading this knows I'm probably not talking about my husband. (Love you, honey!) After all, that kind of patience usually fades away almost as fast as the last echo of the wedding vows leaves the church. (I'm a kidder. I'm really not all that cynical.)

Now pay attention; I'm about to divulge this man's identity. (I feel like I'm about to unmask the Lone Ranger here.) I've been talking about Darren Kirby. He's married to his highschool sweetheart Amy. (Great taste, Darren!)  Not only does he work full-time, he's in training to run a marathon in the near future, plus he's a writer, too. And a terrific one at that!

Darren recently released his novella, Coordinates for Murder, a chilling story of two friends whose geocaching adventure turns into a struggle for survival as they face a vicious man known only as the Woodsman. Check it out! If you hurry, you can sign up to win a free copy on Goodreads.

I just wanted to let Darren know how terrific he is. And having done that, I realize I also owe him for providing me with material for my second blog! Is there no stopping this guy?

If there's someone you'd like to thank for similar help along the way, feel free to do that right here on my blog ... or in a blog of your own. It doesn't matter where or how you tell them, just do it! (Hey, I sound like a Nike ad.)

See you next time!


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